We call our people in to develop branding strategy that communicates brand values creatively.
The development process is begun with a comprehensive research, including competitor and
segmentation research to identify brand’s values. Resulted concept is a big idea that meant to
be consistently applied on brand identity elements, including logo, tagline, name, corporate
culture and promotional kit.

We offer marketing communication concepts that developed as the complement of branding.
A deep understanding of media and audience character supports the development of creative
and effective concepts. We have experience in various brand activation, TVC, print ad and
radio commercial projects.

Branding and communication concept can’t go in alone without some striking design ideas.
Skawan creative division is full with talented individuals that never run out of design ideas.
That’s why our works are always looked unique and fresh. We offer a series of design concepts,
including catalogue, annual report, company profile, poster, website, application, product and
environmental design.